Commission FAQ


How much will a commissioned painting cost? - The price of your commissioned piece will be determined individually based on the size of painting you are wanting. I have many sizes available and will offer assistance in determining what the best size would be for your space. Once the size has been determined, we will discuss the price which will include any sales tax and shipping fees if applicable. You can view my list of common sizes and prices for assistance, if you do not see a size that works for you, we can discuss a custom size.


What does the commission contract entail? - Here is an example of the Commission Agreement Form you will be required to complete and sign before work will begin on your desired piece of custom art. 


Will the painting come with a frame? - I do not offer a framing option for my paintings at this time. All paintings come gallery wrapped with either hooks or wires and are ready to hang upon arrival. If you would prefer a frame, you would be responsible for purchasing a frame elsewhere for your painting. 


Will you do a painting of any subject matter or style I choose? -  As I have done paintings in many different styles and subject matters, most of my work hovers in the realm of abstract expressionism with hints of impressionism. If you commission a piece from me, you should expect it to be in one of my recent or past styles or a combination. I will sometimes do figurative or representative pieces, but these are few and far between for me. If you have questions about specific styles or subject matter you can complete the inquiry form on the Commissions page and we can discuss your ideas further. If you have examples of previous works of mine that you enjoy, you can include those as references for what it is you are looking for in your piece.  


How long will it take for the painting to be completed? - Work on the painting will begin after the signing of the contract and I have received the 33% non-refundable deposit in full. The painting will be completed within a two (2) month period at which time, the remainder of the cost must be paid. After the painting has been paid for, I will ship the painting to your home, or if you are local, I can deliver it or you can choose to pick it up yourself. 


What if I want to return my painting? - If you decide that you want to return your painting, you will have three (3) weeks from the time you receive it to process the return as long as the painting has not been damaged while in your possession. If the painting is damaged, the return will not be accepted and no refund will be made. You can get more information regarding returns on the Returns and Refunds page.

 **NOTE - The 33% deposit will not be refunded. 


Once I sign the contract, will I be able to cancel it if I need to? - Yes. If for whatever reason you need to cancel the contract and no longer wish to receive the commissioned work, you may at any point in the process. You will just need to contact me via email letting me know that you wish to cancel and you will not be responsible for any further payments. However, the initial deposit you put down on the commission will not be refunded back to you. 


What if I change my mind on the design/style or size of the painting that I want to commission? - You will have the option to change the design/style or size of the painting. Just contact me via email and we can discuss the details.

  • If work has not been started on the painting, you may change the design or the size of the painting, send me an email outlining what changes you want to make.

If the size of the piece changes, the pricing will change. Changing the design or size of your piece will require a revised contract to be signed reflecting the new changes. The initial deposit will be applied to the new piece (if the price is different than the original price, we will reconfigure the deposit at that time.) 

  • If work has already been started on the painting and you decide you would like to change the design, I will provide progress pictures of the piece where it stands and we can work together to make the changes you desire as long as the piece has not already been completed.

All changes to the piece will be agreed upon by both parties via email before any changes will be made. In some cases (if the new design is drastically different from the original or the size changes) a new contract may be drawn up with the changes and the deposit will be transferred to the new piece as long as the size of the piece does not differ from the original. If the size of the new painting differs from the size of the original, the deposit will be reconfigured according to the size and price. 

  • If the piece is completed and you decide you want something else, that would be considered a contract cancellation and you would forfeit your deposit. A new contract would be drawn up and a new deposit would be required before beginning work on the new painting.


If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact me at or complete the contact form on the Commissions page.