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embrace life and dream in color!

So, you’re looking for a painting that will serve as a statement piece for a room in your home, or maybe even your office. You want a unique piece to liven up your space, one that displays your passion and curiosity for life; something with meaning or a story that speaks to your personality and who you are as a person. You’ve got something to say! Hell, why not say it with an expressive abstract painting!

My paintings are created with a desire to bring beauty, expression and inspiration for you to really discover what it means to be alive, and to share your story with others. Art can really expand and strengthen your connections to other people and how you communicate with and understand the world around you. Their purpose is to convey emotions, memories, and stories all meant to be experienced and shared.

My hope is to help you enhance your living space and express the beauty and passion that makes up the most interesting parts of who you are, by exploring emotion, experiences, and connection through abstract paintings.

Art is an ever-changing conversation between it and the viewer and it has the power to brighten your spirits and relieve stress. Use artwork to ignite your spark and encourage you to be infallibly you!

Nothing would make me happier than working with you to find your favorite abstract to display on your wall to share the color and joy with your family and friends. Allow it to serve as your reminder to embrace life and DREAM IN COLOR!

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My mission is to dare you to dream and to inspire creativity and growth. Through artwork, I hope to explore emotions and connections with others and nature. I hope to encourage celebration and gratitude and discover what it means to be a person! There is beauty in all things - even in the struggles and hard lessons we all must endure. It is my mission to find that beauty wherever it may be and pull it to the surface as a celebration of our experiences and life with all its facets!

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I paint as a way to connect with the world, myself, and with others. It is a way to create a little beauty out of our experiences, both good and bad. I want to learn about people and about myself. I want to connect with others and discover the ups, the downs, the eccentricities and nuances of being alive and living on this planet.I love deep meaningful conversations where you get the opportunity to learn something interesting about another individual, and maybe even about yourself. Painting is just another form of conversation and discovery for me.

I have loved drawing and making art since I was a little girl. I wouldn’t go anywhere without having paper and crayons with me. If I didn’t have anything to draw with, I would close one eye, hold up my finger and trace the shapes of things around me in the air. I believe it was my attempt at understanding my surroundings.

When I made art, I was able to express things on paper and later on canvas, that I had felt unable to express to people directly. I would turn to art when I was feeling anxious or unsure of myself. It became an outlet for me. And because of that, I began to experience a feeling of acceptance and connection through sharing my artwork.

I experience things through emotion in a world that has been encouraged to swallow and hide their emotions at all costs. But I have discovered that painting is all about harnessing emotion and wrapping it up into an easy-to-digest package (the painting) for people to use as a conduit to reflect on their emotions and to enjoy on a multitude of levels. I have a curious soul and am constantly looking for a deeper understanding and connection with people in my life and the world as a whole, and painting is how I am able to accomplish that.

Painting is a way for me to know the world and for the world to know me.

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I am a Pisces which means I am a sensitive and vulnerable dreamer! Which is a pretty accurate description of me as a person. My head is in the clouds…most of the time…which isn’t always a productive or practical way to live your life! But HEY! What can ya do?! BUT! Because of this…I am very much aware of what makes me tick and what holds my attention.

My inspirations come from a little bit of escapism and a lot-a-bit of morbid curiosity! Anything that holds a bit of mystery, absolutely captivates me and prompts me to want to explore more of it. So, with that in mind, here are some of my favorite things to ponder on, research, and pull inspiration from:

  • Nature

  • People - behaviors, relationships, connections, “the human condition”

  • Astrology/ Horoscopes

  • Meditation

  • Magic

  • Spirituality/ Ritual

  • History/Historical Fashion

  • Fantasy/Science Fiction

  • The Circus

  • The Universe/ String Theory

  • Travel

  • Philosophy

  • Psychology

  • Ren Fests and Larping

  • Energy (the kind you feel, not the kind powering your iPhones and lights)

  • Emotions

…just to name a few! …or a lot! **shrugs**

What kinds of things draw your attention and inspire you? Are you fascinated with any of the things listed above? Email me, tell me what you like…tell me what you don’t like! I want to hear from you! Lets have a conversation!