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Hey guys!! I'm Kristina.

I'm obsessed with trying to better myself, my life, and helping others do the same. My goal is to encourage personal growth, self-enlightenment, and creative exploration in myself and in others.

I have a passion for acrylic abstract painting and am most inspired by nature and the complexities of human emotion and perception. I am silly and love to have fun (but who doesn't?!?)

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What people are saying!

Brandon Stapletons painting.jpg

Purple and Blue Abstract 

1 of 2 paintings

They are beautiful and I love how the colors flow together and it goes great with my bedroom! I like the colors and abstract patterns.

-Brandon S. 

kristin and painting.jpg

Commissioned Tree Painting

I commissioned a piece from Kristina and couldn’t be more pleased with how it turned out.  In my house I seem to have a tree and nature theme going and I also LOVE color.  So when my roommate moved out and took some of their art with them, I saw an opportunity to replace it with something fun and bright.  I sent Kristina a few pictures of the colors I love and feel I was going for and she took that and ran with it!  The piece I got back was exactly what I was looking for!  She was inspired by the colors and decided to incorporate the rainbow trees that you can find in Hawaii.  The painting is hanging up in my kitchen and is complimented anytime anyone new comes over!   Working with Kristina is easy and fun – I guarantee she will paint something that captures what you are going for!

- Kristin H.

taylor's painting.jpg

Commissioned Abstract

It is minimal and very technical at the same time, so much depth...I am at a loss for words. It sits on my shelf and I look at it every day. I love it.

- Taylor S.